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    Hey Veronika!
    Just wanted to let you know that the BE fuction is working fine :).
    It really helped me this week on my trades. So I’m definitely happy with how it’s going so far!

    I do have one thing that I noticed when market is volatile. When the EA has changed the SL, you can’t change it anymore mannualy. (When you try to change the SL in MT4 it goes back to the price set by the EA.)
    I sometimes changed this mannualy when the market is volatile and i wanted my SL to be at the entry price of the signal provider, which sometimes is 1-2 pips (on XAU) difference if something is happening.
    Is there a way to mannualy adjust the SL after the EA has done it for you?

    A different approach to this could also be to use the entry price provided in the signal and move SL to that price when TP1 hits, but I don’t know how hard that would be to implement in the EA. The signals that I use are always market orders, I already use a low spread broker / raw trading etc. But sometimes there’s a small difference in pips which causes me to hit the SL and the signal provider doesn’t. So they also do not open new trades for that pair when that trade is still open. Sometimes I would rather have a small loss of 2-3 pips and make sure I hit the same SL as the signal provider to make sure I also dont “miss out” when price just comes close and moves away again.

    Is the above “spread problem” a thing that more users sometimes see in there trades or does it has something to do with my signal provider? When I first started using the EA I had a normal account where this happend more often, after switching to raw account it does sometimes happen. The signal provider send out 4-8 signals per day and on average catch 200-300 pips on 1 day, but as I said, I sometimes miss out on some trades because of hitting a SL that they don’t hit. Another example is when market is volatile they sometimes say move SL to entry after the price has moved 5-10 pips in our favor. But in my case that will only be 1-5 pips because I have a different entry price and then my trade gets SL hit and the signal providers trade doesn’t hit their SL. In general they send out good quality signals, I just wish I could follow them a bit better and make more profit from the signals.



    You can use this settings in the EA : Change Market Signals to pending Order and select Change to pending order if signal entry exceeds max deviation.

    In this the EA will hold the siganl in pending and execute it at the price of your provider. In some cases the signal will not be executed because the price is going high or low and not hitting your entry price. You need to monitor it and delete the signal manually if tp1 is exceeded.



    Hi Majed,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I will try and use this feature from now on!

    Can you give an advice setting for the max deviation value? Maybe you know from experience how many pips works best? I have it set at 1 pip for now and will monitor how it goes.

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Youri,

    Thanks for your feedback! At the moment I’m not sure how hard it’ll be to implement your suggestion, but will keep it in mind if there’s a need for such a solution. Majed’s advice is great, let us know how it goes.

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