Our Telegram.Forex application is an Expert Advisor that connects to all of your Telegram channels and provides to replicate signals shared to your Metatrader 4 (MT4) account.

There are a number of license types we have available for our Telegram.Forex application. These various licenses are available to you, all with the same feature set. The only difference is the length of license you may require, from a few days to a full year. There are not setup fees or no hidden costs once you purchase the product. Simply choose the license type of your choice, checkout, download the application and prepare yourself for a great day of copy trading.

Our full feature list contains all the great features that our product has to offer. Our multi-broker capabilities support up to 5 MT4 accounts to copy your trades. Multi-currency is also supported for our worldwide user base. Our Frequently Asked Questions section many common questions that we come across the platform from password resets to the risk management systems that are in place. Lastly, visit our forums for more get discussions. 

After you purchase the product, we have a quick start guide that covers the simple process to activate your Telegram.Forex application. Sign up for our blog below to get the latest about our features, tips and market trends.