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Trying to identify the best forex signals for your trading can be a lot of hassle, especially with the high volatility available in the forex market. It makes good sense to attempt to play it safe since fx signals seem to be the solution. However, if fx signals come from signal providers, how can we identify which way to go?

Forex signals are ready to execute prompts provided by signal providers. They are designed to help many traders with their trading by solving the difficulty associated with forex trading analyses. Several forex traders today, especially retail traders and newbie traders, subscribe to signal providers for trading signals. The projection is that these trading signals will save them from making wrong analyses and predictions that could cost them lots of dollars.  

 Suppose you are a beginner trader or just seeking ways to leverage the availability of forex signal providers. This article will discuss the top three forex signals with their origin- signal providers. Keep reading to find out more about the top three types of fx signals.

What are forex signals?

They are suggestions, prompts, indicators, or notifications about active forex trades in real-time. Essentially, they tell you when to execute a trade-buy or sell. They also give suggestions about stop losses and take profit and other trading essentials. Expert human traders or robots provide these signals. And the providers value them at specific prices, while others are free. Usually, the signal provider charges a certain percentage of the beneficiary’s profit. Therefore, the subscriber to the signal service provider gets the notification through SMS, email, or social media platforms –social trading.

Why traders use forex signals

The forex market is replete with high volatility. As a result, several traders consistently blow their accounts. Therefore many traders view trading signals as a reasonable solution to mitigate huge losses on their trading accounts. Similarly, newbie or inexperienced traders also subscribe to signal providers to assist them with trading analysis.

Are forex signals worth the hype?

Most traders prefer to run their trading analyses and predictions on their own. In comparison, other traders might feel uncomfortable taking signals from providers without proven credibility, especially among more experienced traders. When people stake real money in real-time, there is a high tendency to engage in emotional trading. In which case, they seem to be under pressure to close their trades on huge profits. Then they begin to increase their lot sizes indiscriminately, which easily leads to the end of that reading account. From a systematic analysis, many traders start well, especially when they demo trade. However, launching a live account brings so many emotions in the open, causing them to trade unprofessionally. For this reason, many traders subscribe to trading signals besides the hassle of trying to run the trading analysis and predictions independently.

Top three types of forex signals

While several forex trading strategies are available, the types of trading signals are relative to the signal providers. Essentially, most forex trading signals stem from two primary strategies. Therefore, trying to choose a trading signal means choosing a signal provider and applying one or more strategies. Here are the top three signal providers that guarantee what people otherwise know as fx signals and a few trading strategies that may apply.

1. Learn 2 trade

It is one of the leading signal providers that guarantee its subscribers access to reliable fx signals. Learn2trade sends forex trading signals and other trading essentials like market analysis, trading suggestions, currency pairs, trade ideas, market news, etc. they have an automated technology that runs advanced analysis on several currency pairs (major and minor) including some exotic pairs too. Essentially, they operate like a small community of traders since they notify their subscribers of active trading signals through their telegram channel.

2. 1000pipbuilder

They are a premium site for providing signals to their subscribers. It is the product of one of the most skilled forex traders in time-Bob James. He is noted for his expertise in fundamental and technical analysis with a track record of successful trading. Because the company 1000pipbuilder.com is based in London, it focuses on signals related to the US, Asian, and European trading sessions. They charge a service fee of about $97 a month. And provide signals to the subscriber through SMS, email, and their telegram channel.


This signal provider functions as a trading community, providing their subscribers with trading signals and an active community for mentorship and training.  They provide reading rooms for analyzing trading signals. Somewhat like a support group so that the subscribers can learn to eventually make trading analysis independently through the feedback on every trade.

Common trading strategies

some significant trading strategies that reflect the signals at work as provided by a signal provider include scalping, swing trading, following the trend, etc.

  • Scalping 

Signals due to scalping seek to place multiple trades with an aim to grab as many little profits as possible within a short time. The signals due to scalping must be implemented readily to make the most of the signal.

  • Swing trading

Signals due to swing trading are direct opposites of scalping. The reason is that while scalping deals with multiple trades within a short time, swing trading also known as momentum trading deals with larger price movements over longer periods. It means that such signals will cause a trade to remain open for a couple of days. As a result, no immediate danger accrues to the trading account unless left unattended.

  • Following the trend

A general beginner’s rule of thumb in trading is to never trade against the trend. It is powered by large market moves that are usually long-term. Usually, trades can last up to several weeks depending on what is trending in the global market.   

Are forex signals the same as copy trading?

Usually, people describe Fx signals and copy trading as the same thing. However, the subtle difference lies in their method of execution. With signals, you most likely will be doing the trading by yourself, using the signals from your provider. At the same time, copy trading works somewhat automatically by replicating the trading moves and results of the trader (human or robot) you are copying.

Telegram.forex: a handy tool for getting prompt forex signals

Telegram.forex is one of the readily available copy trading applications that assist traders with automatic access to trading results of professionals via their telegram channel. It is the perfect system for automating your trading and getting prompt fx signals through social trading. As a medium for social trading, it connects all your telegram channels and automatically replicates trading signals. The trading signals are easily understandable. 

FAQS: How are forex signals generated?

How are forex signals generated?

There are two primary ways of generating most fx signals. Either automatically or manually. The automatically generated signals are a result of the analysis of trading software. Professional traders program the trading software in synergy with code developers. At the same time, professional traders or analysts distribute the manually generated signals that analyze the market in search of trading opportunities. While the automatically generated signals leverage artificial intelligence and technology, the manually generated signals leverage human intelligence and ingenuity.

How to read fx signals?

Reading fx signals is essential to understanding its execution. As a result, the basic moves for forex trading include: stop loss, take profit, action, and current market price. Essentially, a basic knowledge of these trading moves leads to an increased understanding of the signal. And can help you easily spot out a forex trading scam in any event.

How do fx signals work?

Usually, the trade signals come as trade ideas or instructions that yu can use to make profitable decisions. These alerts are delivered via emails, SMS, and telegram channels. The subscribers can pick out the trading prompts for direct execution.