Forex education

Sure; we’re keeping you updated on the moves, but do you know what to do with that information? Or are you ready to take your trades to the next level, but you need some help?

Telegram.Forex is launching a set of forex educational courses to help the noobs and the middle-ground traders. These courses are free and self-paced. You’ll need to register, but feel free to come and go as you please. You can skip the lessons you already know, or if you’re feeling generous, please share your knowledge/ experience(s) in the FX game!

Lastly, just as we welcome your feedback on our app, be sure to let us know what topics you’re most interested in learning about. This is an ever-growing class so be sure to check back regularly for new content.

FREE - Register Today
FREE - Register Today

Whether you’re new to the forex market or just want to brush up on terms and concepts, welcome to Telegram.Forex’s introduction course on the foreign exchange market. Learn a brief history of the market, as well as basic trading terms and concepts.

Step 1: Download the Telegram.Forex software.
Step 2: Select your favorite channels to follow.
Step 3: Sit back and let Telegram.Forex copy trade for you and watch your profits increase


If you want to go about it the hard way, here’s a quick guide to learn some savvy trading tricks and make your own trades.