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Best Forex Trade Copier Service – The Top App

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of forex trading or you’re a novice trader just beginning your trading career, you need a Forex trade copier service to be able to trade efficiently and effectively. But not just any application would do the job. You need an application with a clever algorithm that copies forex signals of live and professional investors that you choose to follow and directly copies them to your Metatrader platform as fast as possible so that no time is wasted. In other words, you need the best forex trade copier service application available. Telegram.Forex is the best forex trading copier service application that is out there. 

What Does Telegram.Forex do? 

According to a 2019 study, In April of that year, the average daily turnover of the foreign exchange market was $6.6 trillion. $1.5 trillion more than it was 3 years prior. Alongside that, there are over 9.6 million people around the world trading online. This shows that the foreign exchange market has been growing exponentially. A trader can require tremendous amounts of hard work and research of the market to be profitable. Consequently, this is where the Telegram. Forex comes in.  

What you need is an expert trade advisor on the market who keeps an eye on the best investors and trades happening in the world and copy-pastes forex signals to your Metatrader, saving you time, research, and risk. Certainly, the best forex trade copier service application available is Telegram. Forex.  

What Makes Telegram. Forex the Best Forex Trade Copier Service Application? 

The following are the features that make the best forex trade copier service application: 

1.) Easy to use 

Telegram.Forex is designed to ensure that the access and use are easy enough for a beginner to understand and be comfortable while not compromising on the information provided. Even expert traders can also benefit.  

2.) No setup fees 

There are no hidden costs and charges for the user to worry about. There are also no setup charges. You download the application and start trading. 

3.) Multi-Broker 

Users can use up multiple Metatrader4 accounts at a time to copy their trades. 

4.) Pending Orders 

Further features include copying, adding, editing, or removing pending orders. 

5.) Multi-Channel 

In addition, there are MT4, CTrader, FXCM, and LMax. 

6.) Email Alerts 

Important messages and alerts are promptly notified to you via email, and you are kept up to date.  

7.) Stop Loss and Take Profit 

Telegram.Forex supports protection orders such as StopLoss or TakeProfit. You can add or remove them at your will. 

8.) Multi-Currency 

Your account is managed regardless of the currency type in use.  

9.) Subscription or Pre-Pay Options 

Telegram.Forex offers flexible monthly and annual subscription plans for unlimited trading. 

10.) Reverse Trading 

Another feature is that you can easily send sell orders to your slaves. 

11.) Manual Positions 

You can manually manage and modify your Master or Slave accounts at any time.  

12.) Credit Card or Bitcoin Online Payment 

Telegram.Forex offers subscriptions through credit cards and bitcoin. 

13.) Partial Close 

Finally, Telegram.Forex supports partial close for all brokers.