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    Done all things as given in manual pdf
    still ea not opening orders in mt4
    Tested many different types of signals
    nothing works.
    Signals i used:

    GOLD SELL-1885
    SL. -1900

    BUY EURUSD (@ 1.0877)
    Take profit 1 at 1.0897
    Take profit 2 at 1.0927
    Take profit 3 at 1.0977
    Stop loss at 1.07978

    ✅TP 1.0897
    ✅TP 1.0927
    ✅TP 1.0977
    🛑SL 1.07978

    Help PLS

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Shubham,

    All these signals can be processed by the EA, so we can assume that the problem is with connecting the app to the EA.

    Please check if there’s a message in MT4 in the Experts tab – “New client connection”. This confirms the connection of the EA to the app, and also your account number should appear in the app in a green rectangle. Otherwise, please try using another MT4 ID by selecting it in the EA’s inputs and in the app.

    Also, if your broker is using a prefix or suffix to the symbols’ names, like “EURUSD.r”, you need to adjust the inputs in order to recognize the symbols.

    Let us know if this helped, or you can send us some screenshots of the app to, MT4 and the inputs you have set so we can investigate further,



    Hey Veronika Thanks for the help
    Now my EA is working problem was related to pending orders
    But now i found a new bug with this signal

    🔥XAUUSD Sell1896

    its a simple signal and ea is using sell price and sl price properly from the signal but not tp this is because of no spaces between keywords SL, TP & Sell/Buy and Price
    Kindly fix this in EA

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Shub,

    Thanks for reporting this problem. We’ll surely have it fixed for the next update.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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