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    i enabled sl and be option in ea and editing orders also
    but still its not tailing tp and sl

    these are the signals
    GOLD SELL-1900
    SL. -1925

    🔥XAUUSD Sell 1903
    👁️‍🗨️Tp² 1896
    👁️‍🗨️Tp³ 1886

    tested both type of option of be
    at previous tp and at open price nothing works pls help to configure them

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Shub,

    Let’s first confirm that your setup is correct.

    For symbols like Gold, the pip value is set by the user in the “Custom Symbols Settings” section. By default, that value is 0.01.

    If you set the breakeven rule “At open price”, you need to consider the next 2 inputs, “Pips Trigger From Open Price” and “Pips Offset From Open Price”. Let’s say you sold at 1900, trigger pips are 100 and offset pips are 50. In order to trigger BE, the price needs to go to 1899 and by using the offset pips, the new SL will be set at 1899.5.



    its not even working for other pairs like this
    🔥GBPJPY SELL 155.000
    😭SL 156.000
    👁️‍🗨️TP 154.800
    👁️‍🗨️TP 154.600

    and At Previous TP option also not working


    Buen dia, en la versio demo existe un tope en el numero de ordenes a procesar? porque despues de un cierto numero toca resetear el programa ya que no procesa todas las señales….

    Good morning, in the demo version is there a limit on the number of orders to process? because after a certain number it is necessary to reset the program since it does not process all the signals …

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Manuel,

    No, the free version is not limited. Can you give us more details about the problem? Do you see any error messages or does the program freeze so it’s necessary to reset it?


    Hey Veronika
    Can you please tell us if the BE option “At Previous TP” is working in current EA version or need a fix ????
    If its working then please help me to configure it
    because its not working for me


    Hello there,

    I would like to add to this that I am also expierencing problems with the BE option. I have it also at “At Previous TP”.

    When TP1 hits it should modify the TP2 order to have entry price as SL, however I think it wants to put TP1 as SL. Because in MT4 it spams the expert tab with messages like: Order#xxxx Cannot be modified. Stoploss to near to BiD price. (or ASK price)

    When my signal provider sends a message to move the SL of the TP2 order to entry price the program immideatly reacts and does what the BE option should have done. The signal provider does this ussualy 10min after closing an order, i have the BE option on to do it faster myself and have better protection if they forget to send the move SL message. (This happend today, that’s when I found out it does not work properly)

    Can I get some feedback on this please? It’s a very helpfull option to have enabled.


    Veronika Momir

    Hello Youri,

    The error message you got means that your broker won’t allow for the SL to be too close to the current market price. Maybe in cases like this, it can be set at the minimum allowed distance. Otherwise, there’s no problem with this option, but we’ll test it just in case there is and fix it if necessary.



    Hey Veronika
    I’m a bit confused about this feature
    So it trails sl of other 3 or 4 orders used with tp2 to tp4
    here is an order with 3 tps so EA will open 3 different orders with tp1 , tp2 and tp3 and trail sl of order 2 if tp1 of order 1 hits

    🔥GBPNZD SELL @ 1.97800
    👁‍🗨TP1 1.97400
    👁‍🗨TP2 1.97000
    👁‍🗨TP3 1.96500
    😭SL 1.98500

    so i want to ask is there any option to open 1 order with smallest tp
    here say its tp1 (1.97400)
    and give users an option to set custom pip(s)
    that can be used to trail tp and sl

    example : take same signal for this
    and in custom pip before tp option i selected 5

    so ea will open order normally at
    price : 1.97800
    TP : 1.97400
    SL : 1.98500

    but when current price reaches to 1.97350 ea trail tp to tp2 value and sl to tp1 or open price
    and ea will do this because i selected 5 pip in custom pip before tp option

    so if this thing is already implemented pls tell me from where can i use this
    and if its not implemented yet can you pls implement this

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Shub,

    Currently, there’s no option for trailing TP. You can open only one trade with the smallest TP by choosing “Use smallest TP” in “Trading Rule for Multiple TPs”.

    Also, you can use SL trailing by TP prices. In the section “Break Even Settings”, you can select “Set Break Even Rule” and choose “At previous TP”. So, when TP1 is hit the SL is moved to the open price of the order. Next, when TP2 is hit the SL is moved to TP1 price, and so on.

    Hope this helps, we’ll consider your suggestion for the next version, thanks.



    Any update for the release of the next version with above suggested feature???

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Shub,

    There will be an update this week, but it won’t include this feature. We focused mainly on fixing some reported bugs and adding more long-requested risk management options. It’ll most likely be postponed for now.


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