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    Dear, can someone please help me so I can trust in the settings? I turn to you because I have experienced changes in behaviour after a few trades.
    I read that the EA takes the first price of a range like the signal below. I wish to work with a fixed lotsize of 0.30 equally divided for TP1 and TP2 (0.15 and 0.15). Fully closed after reaching TP2. Stops and TP’s according to signal. Stops moved to break-even after 20 pips from entry. What is are the setting based on these rules?
    For now, I only traded XAUSUSD+
    GOLD SELL NOW @ 1775.50-1777
    tp 1 : 1773.50
    tp 2 : 1770.50
    sl @ 1778

    Current settings


    I don’t know how i can show my current setting to compare?


    Pls can you send me
    telegram forex app v3.6 .exe
    EMail :

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Richard,

    If you have saved your inputs, you can find the file in your terminal folder (File – Open Data folder ) in MQL4\Presets.

    1. To trade 2 TPs and use the signal’s prices for SL and TP:

    2. To use fixed lot size that will be equally split to the number of orders:

    3. To set SL at break even after 20 pips form price:


    Hi Veronika,

    Thanks for your tips. I have another question; How can i make sure the EA only takes the trade when price hit first price of the range given by the signaler? In most cases price has allready left and i get stuck with a bad entry. I guess it’s in the devation part right? I typically only want to enter at that price or better or else skip. How can i solve this please?

    Today the EA did not take any of the three signals. My broker has a suffix +, so i added a + in symbols suffix box and AUUSD+. Is that correct?

    Kindly asking for your help. Thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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