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    Hello, I have set up everything according to the manual. The telegram app send the signal and in your application I see it appearing. But in MT 4 nothing happens?


    I am having the same issue. Completely set up and my MT4 instance active bar is green however no trades are being sent to MT4


    Same issue. Everything is connected properly but trades are not being sent to MT4.

    kainda kiniel.daka

    I am having the same issue as well. I have tried several times to re-install it, but it does not work.


    Same problem here as well. Everything is green (telegram connection, mt4 connection etc) but mt4 is not executing the signals still.


    Hello Everyone,
    Please send sample of you signal messages so I can investigate this farther


    Yes i also can connect with my phone telegram. Installing it on the MT4
    and connect to my phone that is a big . NOt possible.

    Hope someone can help me out. And can provide me with a step to step instruction
    on mt4 . THe Expert file .Even when i use refresh ther is no connect.

    Hoope someon ecan help me.
    Or i must look for an other app that works bether than this one.


    Hello Everyone,
    Please send sample of you signal messages and let me know your broker and account type
    Also share your settings for the expert
    so I can investigate this farther

    Hello Partrick,
    You need to have our application installed on your windows system + the MT4 application from your broker and out EA running on it,
    *If you mean that you want this system to be running from your mobile only, without windows, then this is not possible

    Veronika Momir


    Please activate your license keys by attaching the EA to a chart, and entering the key in the inputs in the “License Key” field. You can find your purchased license keys in “My Account” – “Orders”, and by clicking on “License Manage” you can check their status. If the license is activated the status will be “Assigned”.


    hui ling.cheung

    hi there, i have same issue too…
    in my MT4 expert :
    2021.04.12 16:12:39.395 Telegram_Signal_AutoTrader_v1.14.4_free XAUUSD.r,M15: MT4 ID FAILED – is the MT4 ID already in use?

    and i installed the software the MT1 didnt appear the my MT4 account number
    it is a demo account of fpmarket with account number 4360194
    i have already connected the TG to my channel, just seems cant connect with MT4 ACCOUNT

    signal format :
    ENTRY 150.40
    TP 150.60
    TP 151.00
    TP 151.60
    🛑 149.80

    CAD / JPY

    SELL 87.14

    TP 86.94
    TP 86.64
    TP 86.14
    SL 88.04

    XAGUSD BUY 25.101
    TP 25 .201
    TP 25.301
    TP 25.401
    TP 25.901
    SL 24.679

    these are the format of signal
    pls help and thanks …
    i hope to buy your EA so much

    hui ling.cheung

    hi….. update for my situation ..
    now i use MT2 and changed the ea with MT2 then the account number appeared and in mt4 “expert” said
    2021.04.12 18:05:23.063 Telegram_Signal_AutoTrader_v1.14.4_free XAUUSD.r,Daily: New client connection

    so i am sure it is connected to my mt4 account now,
    the TG channel and is connected and it got the msg id but still not available to open trade in MT4 …. what have i missed ?

    hui ling.cheung

    2021.04.12 18:17:43.361 Telegram_Signal_AutoTrader_v1.14.4_free XAUUSD.r,Daily: New Order(s) opened for BP
    3 x Buy(s)

    its now become this and my signal is
    GBP / AUD

    BUY 1.8043

    TP 1.8063
    TP 1.8093
    TP 1.8143
    SL 1.7953

    my initiation chart is XAUUSD so it appeared for gold but still no trade opened


    If no good response is coming from the developers, I am ready to call this a fraud.

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Cory,

    I can see that your license is not activated yet. Please get the license key that you received when purchasing the product, and enter it in the EA’s inputs in the “License Key” field.

    Also, make sure that you have copied all files from the MQL4 folder that you downloaded to the MQL4 folder of your terminal (you can find it in your MT4 in File – Open Data Folder).

    If you are still experiencing some problems, someone from our team can assist you via screen-sharing software. Please e-mail us at


    Veronika Momir

    Hello Hui Ling,

    Some of the signals you have posted cannot be processed yet.

    In the example with GBPJPY, the type of the order is missing, so the EA is looking for an action keyword like “Buy”, “Buy stop” or “Long”.

    For the signal on CADJPY, the format of the symbol(CAD / JPY) is problematic with our current signal processing. We can update our EA, so the next version we’ll release will work with this type of symbol format.


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