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    Julian Vegt

    This channel is free if you trade with BDSwiss through their link. Absolutely amazing signals, abt 1200 pips each week. But use smart money management (0.01 lot per 500 USD)


    thanks for the information for this one


    what is the name of chanel?? paste here


    [Forwarded from Extreme Pips Vip Group]
    NzdCad sell now 0.9020
    sl 0.9116
    Tp 0.8841
    smart money with 90 pips sl????
    it is NOT smart money strategy just need big equity because of huge SL which is 1xadr or more
    my thinking is that is not good


    Please know that whether you think the Telegram channel is profitable or not, we need a list of them to monitor to publish in our upcoming Leaderboard. You may have certain opinions on them now, but let us let the numbers do the talking.


    Julian Vegt

    Hi, sorry just reading about this.
    These signals are longer term and they recommend very small lot sizes [ 0.01 lot per 1000 USD in your account].

    I’ve used them for about 4 months, and they have made a profit almost every week [obv some exceptions]. But sometimes it can take 1 or 2 weeks to hit TP.

    But ofcourse do your own due diligence.


    is there a way to adjust your lot size so when the EA starts the trade it will be at a low lot size? Right now the trades start out with .50 lot and I got recked multiple times.
    Thanks and good luck

    Daniel Kari

    Right-click in the chart window; Expert advisor, properties. There you can change Lot size and a whole lot other.


    For the moment I have a very bad review. They modify, cancel signals, provide wrong signals, do not provide report if negative during a week.

    Absolutely not trustable.

    First week -5%

    Kainda Kiniel Daka


    I have been using them for the past 2 months and I was able to get 400% profit using their signals and placing some of my own trades alongside theirs. I would say use the risk management approach that they have suggested and you will gain for sure.

    Nafrudin Nafrudin

    Apakah EA Telegram to MT4 ini bisa bekerja sesuai instruksi dari channel telegram extremepips?

    Bisa pindah SL sesuai instruksi channel, bukan berdasarkan pips?
    Bisa take partial berdasarkan instruksi channel Signal telegram extremepips?
    Sehingga kami tidak perlu mengetik manual di MT4…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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