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    Hello FX-Water Team,

    1st, many thanks for offering a test version of this product. After using the application for a view days i mentioned few issues:

    – Application hang. The update timer stopps counting. Restart solved this issue.
    – Subsequent activation of another channel is not taken over. Solution was restarting the application.


    Furthermore, the following functions are still missing, which would improve the application:

    – Trailing Breakeven by TP Level.
    Example: When TP1 is reached, SL should be moved to BE+Offset. When hitting the second TP, to TP1, etc. I have seen signals of up to 4 TP levels, this could be used as a reference.

    – BE and +Offset. To cover costs like commission and swap a BE with +pips should be possible

    – Entry difference in points. By how much may the current trade price deviate from the signal. This is to avoid unfavorable trades in fast movements.

    – Re-entry at the signal price with limit and stop orders if the price deviation is too high.

    – Calculation of the lot size based on percent of the account balance for the stop level.
    Example: I risk exactly 1% of the balance for 20 pips stop loss

    I will update my topic if more issues are identified.



    Hello all,

    I am testing the program for several weeks now.

    There is a lack of a very important feature and that is the need for individual configuration of settings per channel.

    I am thinking of a solution with whitelists and/or blacklists with channel IDs in the EA’s settings. The EA could be applied to multiple charts and by whitelisting the channel so the settings could be configured only for that channel.

    Kind Regards

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Andreas,

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. Please check out the new version. We improved the EA’s signal processing and included a new and better application. Also, now you can use trailing breakeven by TP level and breakeven at open price + pips offset. You can find more information in the instruction that are included in the files.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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