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    This is a type of signal on Telegram Chanel that I followed
    BUY GOLD NOW AT 1804
    SL 1802
    TP 1810
    The problem is that Ea doesn’t recognize this type of signal to autotrade.

    But sometimes, the channel use this type of signal then Ea could read it.
    GOLD BUY NOW 1798
    Sl 1794
    TP 1900

    How do I set Ea to recognize the first type of signal. Sorry for my bad English. Thanks!


    They always use this type of signal with currencies such as:
    BUY GBP_NZD NOW AT 1.9719
    Sl 1.9695
    TP _ 1.9770

    BUY GBP-JPY NOW AT 149.65
    SL 149.27
    TP 150.70

    BUY #EUR-JPY NOW AT 129.76
    SL 159.58
    TP 130.25

    Ea dosen’t recognize all of them. How do I set for EA in Setting so that Ea could recognize them to autotrade in MT4. Thanks so much for helping!

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Nguyen,

    I’m testing with the latest version of the EA, v 1.15. All these trades were opened without a problem, with a small change of the last signals where the SL is in the wrong direction.

    Please check if you have set some limitations in the EA’s inputs, like max number of open trades, or max risk per hour/day. Also, you can create a channel where you can post test signals. If this doesn’t help, you can send us the inputs you use to and we’ll try to find the problem.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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