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    This doesn’t work like I should, today my signal provider sent 8 trade you EA only toke 3?? All trade shows up in the Windows app but the EA did only take 3 of them. When they send multiple trades with thus EA only take the first trade, not the rest. And a see not error in MT4 Journal, so this EA doesn’t even try so take these trades….


    Exactly the same thing happened today, I received 7 trade and it only took 3 of them. And the structure of the signal is the same, so the reason is not that it can’t read the message. And like I said before, there no error in the Journal tab in metatrader, so the trade was not rejected the EA never tried to take it. But also same as yesterday the windows app did receive all the trades.

    This is very annoying, I have paid for this in full and it does not work at all as I should….I hope a fix for this will come real soon….

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Jesper,

    Can you please share an example of the signals? Even small differences can make it hard for a signal to be processed. For example, some signal providers don’t place decimal points or add empty spaces between the numbers.



    I have checked this signal thoroughly and I can’t see any different between the one that are taken and the once that are not. I seem to me that when they send signal I a row with only a minute or two between the signal it only takes the first signal in that batch…
    They seen two different kind of signal, one which have one entry and one SL and 3 TP levels. And the other one that have two different entrys. But it doesn’t seem to matter between this signal types as long as I come first in a batch.

    We are not allowed to publish these signals I pubic, but I can give you the signal for April 12, because this signal is not valid any more…The first two came within minutes of each other, and it only took the first one (CHF/JPY). The other four came about 2 hours later but they also came in batch with only minutes between them, and again it only took the first one of this four (GBP/AUD).

    But as I said they are all in the windows app, but the EA didn’t take them…..

    SELL #CHFJPY @118.260
    TP @117.900
    Tp2 @117.100
    SELL 2 @ 119.200
    TP @118.200

    SELL #NZDCAD @0.88350
    Tp @ 0.88050
    TP2 @0.87600
    SELL 2 @0.89400
    TP @ 0.88400
    SL @0.90600

    These once came about two hour later
    Buy GBPAUD @ 1.80440
    Take profit 1 at 1.80740
    Take profit 2 at 1.81040
    Take profit 3 at 1.81640
    Stop loss at 1.79690

    Sell USDCAD @ 1.25610
    Take profit 1 at 1.25410
    Take profit 2 at 1.25110
    Take profit 3 at 1.24610
    Stop loss at 1.26110

    Buy GBPCHF @ 1.27120
    Take profit 1 at 1.27320
    Take profit 2 at 1.27620
    Take profit 3 at 1.28120
    Stop loss at 1.26520

    Buy GBPJPY @ 150.450
    Take profit 1 at 150.750
    Take profit 2 at 151.050
    Take profit 3 at 151.650
    Stop loss at 149.800

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Jesper,

    Thank you for sharing this, we can use it to identify the cause of the issue. In the meantime, please check one more thing. The EA has multiple ways of managing risk, like maximum open orders at a time (market, pending, or total), maximum trades per hour and per day, and maximum risk per hour and day. Some of these limitations can be stopping the EA from opening all trades, you will see a message in the Experts tab below.



    Yes, I have increased all of these setting just to bee sure that there so limitations there (it’s a demo account).

    Today it toke the 3 first signal in a batch of 5 ??? I don’t know why, like I said before it usually only takes the first signal when they come with only minutes apart. And I haven’t change any setting in the EA sense yesterday….strange.

    Also, a suggestion I have for it. When I split the lot size between the different TP levels it distributes them evenly, it would be relay nice if you could define a percentage how you want to split the lot size between the TP levels. Example. TP1 = 50%, TP2=30%, TP3=20%….. Because the probability that the price will hit TP1 ageist TP3 is very much higher….

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Jepser,

    We have identified and resolved potential problems with connectivity, as well as adjusted the EA to recognize and process more types of signals. Please get the latest versions, EA v 1.14.5 and Telegram.Forex app v 3.5.

    Also, thank you for the suggestion, we plan to add the option of setting custom lot size for each TP level in a future version.



    Thank you, yes I run 1.14.5 now and so far I haven’t had any problem when I run this version, seem to work better now…. That would be a really nice function, to be able to set custom lots for each Tp level 👍

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