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    Do I need to open all pair windows to execute the signals or just one pair and it executes with all of them? Example: EA is currently on GBPJPY. If a signal comes for EURUSD, do I need to have the EA applied to a EURUSD window as well?

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Daniel,

    The EA needs to be attached to one chart only. It can recognize the symbols from the signals and then execute trades on any symbol.

    zaharudin.zam zam

    soalan saya

    saya ada 10 pemberi isyarat
    jika ke semua pemberi isyarat memberi di waktu yang sama pair yang berbeza
    ada kah Ea akan melakukan perdagagan ke semua isyarat
    atau hanya 1 sahaja?

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Zaharudin,

    The EA will take the trades of all signal providers that you follow, even if they send the signals at the same time. Unless you have set some trading limitation in the EA’s inputs, like max trades open at a time.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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