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Telegram Groups and Telegram Channels: What are They and Which Should You Use?

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is facing healthy competition from Telegram, one of the most popular instant messaging apps. In terms of communication features, it provides almost all of those found in WhatsApp.

You can join Telegram Channels and Telegram Groups as well as direct chats with your contacts. The format of these groups is similar to that of WhatsApp groups and broadcast lists.

Explore the differences between these, how they can positively impact your forex trading strategy, and determine which one is right for you.

Telegram Channels: What Are They?

You can broadcast a message to thousands of subscribers using a Telegram Channel. Despite the fact that the number of people joining a Channel is not limited, they cannot interact with one another. One-way messages can only be posted by Telegram Channel admins.

Telegram Groups: What Are They?

In contrast, Telegram Groups function just like any other messaging app. Members of the Group can exchange multimedia files and communicate with one another, but the admin has the right to limit their interactions.

Groups and channels on Telegram

It is possible to create both public and private Telegram Channels and Groups. Private Groups and Channels can only be joined via an invite link, as they are not searchable by username. Group joining links are only available to owners and administrators.

7 differences between Telegram channels and groups

Let’s now compare Telegram Channels and Groups for a better understanding…

1. Admin Rights

Telegram Channel admins can post messages, add and remove members, and terminate the channel at any time. The lack of interaction between members means that you only need to maintain your Channel on a regular basis.

The more members interact with the Telegram Group, the more work admins have to do. Maintain a healthy environment within your Group by managing spam properly, removing members who break the rules, responding to members’ direct messages, and responding to their requests.

Your visibility can be changed between anonymous and username in Telegram Groups and Channels.

2. An archive of old chats is available

The entire Channel chat has been available since the Channel was created. Those who join the group can check past discussions and documents if they wish.

Old chats can also be accessed by new Telegram Group members. Admins can, however, restrict access to older messages to prevent new users from accessing them.

3. Members’ Profiles

Because you cannot see other members’ profiles on Telegram Channels, their information is more private. In fact, you can’t tell whether someone on your contact list belongs to the same Channel.

In contrast, Telegram Groups are more public. Accessing someone’s profile is easy regardless of whether they are in your contact list or not. In addition to interacting with them in the Group, you can also send them private messages. It depends, however, on the privacy settings of the account you want to connect with.

4. Member count

Participants in Telegram Channels are called subscribers, and they can be unlimited in number.

Telegram Groups can have up to 200 members at first, but if you upgrade them to supergroups, they can have 200,000.

5. Silent messages and notifications for group joining

Those who join a Telegram Group get notified; those who join a Telegram Channel remain unnoticed.

Members of Telegram’s Channels can send silent messages to their subscribers, which is not possible in Groups. The silent message is one that has no notification sound, as its name suggests. This feature is useful for sending urgent messages to people in different time zones without disrupting them.

In the Telegram Channel, you can send a silent message by pressing the notification bell next to the message box.

6. Identifying the engagement

The eye button in the lower right corner of every message in a Telegram Channel shows how many subscribers have viewed the message. You can determine the activeness of a community by looking at the average number of messages viewed and the number of subscribers.

You should keep this number handy if you have a branded community and receive promotional offers regularly.

You can use this number to gain a better understanding of the performance of your Telegram Channel as an administrator. The growth of your community can also be planned using this metric. However, you can’t determine how many members are actively participating in group discussions, so you can’t gauge the engagement of a group.

7. Gathering feedback

There is no equivalent way to reach your community via Telegram Channels, but you can receive feedback from your community through Telegram Groups.

Unlike Channel subscribers, you can fine-tune your ideas by discussing them with Group members.

Telegram Groups and Channels: How to Use Them

It is possible to link your Telegram Channel directly to a Telegram Group with Telegram. When you post on your Channel, the messages will automatically be posted in your Group.

As a result, you’ll be able to hold discussions with your audience and get feedback from them. You’ll also be able to make use of the rest of Telegram Groups’ features as well. Family, friends, and colleagues can communicate more efficiently using Telegram Channels and Groups.

You can create a Telegram Group if you want a casual discussion where everyone can share their opinions. In contrast, if you want to restrict posting content to yourself, you should create a Telegram channel.

A Telegram group or a Telegram channel? What’s the best option for you?

Try out both Groups and Channels to see what works best for your community since you can interlink them and restrict Group activity to make it a Channel.

With time, Telegram continues to evolve with amazing new features. Try out the latest features of Telegram by updating your older version.