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    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering, if telegram signal comes with multiple TPs, like this:

    BUY 1801.50
    TP1 1806.50
    TP2 1812.50
    TP3 1818.50
    SL 1786.50

    Can our EA open 1 position for each TP?

    position 1 will have TP 1801.50, SL 1786.50
    position 2 will have TP 1806.50, SL 1786.50 and so on?


    Veronika Momir

    Hi Barry,

    Yes, the EA can identify that there are 3 TPs using a keyword as “TP”. It opens a trade for every TP level, with the same SL. Also, in the EA’s inputs, you can set how many TP levels should be traded and the lot size for each trade. Let us know if you have any questions.



    hello Telegram Forex,
    thanks, yes, I have enabled 5 TPs so the above issue is solved. I faced another problem that the EA after picking up one signal, failed to pick up the second signal that cames later. Honestly I have no idea what I have done wrong, I have checked the parameter settings and I could not figure out why it failed to open trades for subsequent signals.

    Maximum open orders= 8
    Maximum Pending Orders= 18
    Maximum Open Orders per Symbol= 5
    Maximum Pending Orders per Symbol= 5
    Select risk Management Per Hour Method= Use Equity Percent
    Maximum Money Risk per Hour=500
    Maximum Percent Risk per Hour=2.0
    Maximum Trades Per Hour=20
    Select Risk Management Per Day Method= Use Equity Percent
    Maximum Money Risk Perday = 5000
    Maximum Percent Risk Per Day= 10
    Maximum Trades Per Day= 100
    ==Lot Size Calculation==
    Select the Money Management Method = Custom Risk Percent Split(5)
    Fixed Lot size=0.5
    Risk Percentage=3
    Fixed Money=1000
    **Custom Risk Percent Split(5)**
    TP1 Risk Percent=0.5
    TP2 Risk Percent=0.2
    TP3 Risk Percent=0.1
    TP4 Risk Percent=0.1
    TP5 Risk Percent=0.1
    Maximum Trading Lot Size Per Trade

    with the above setting, today I received two signals

    BUY 📈1813.85
    TP1✅ 1816.85
    TP2✅ 1824.85
    TP3✅ 1830.85
    SL⛔️ 1803.85

    This above signals was picked up, 3 trades were opened, account size was 1.1 mln and it opened 6.72 lots for TP1, 2.69 lots for TP2 and 1.34 lots for TP3.

    Then come second signal below (5 hours later) which it did not open any trade.

    SELL 📉1.61600
    TP✅ 1.59900
    SL⛔️ 1.62600

    Can you find any thing wrong in my parameter setting while it didn’t open trade on second signal?

    Thank you very much.

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Barry,

    Both signals seem valid. I did some tests using your inputs and all trades were executed correctly. Please check the Experts tab in MT4 for any error messages and make sure the connection to the app wasn’t interrupted.

    Note: In case the max risk limit was reached you will see a message like this: “Max Percent risk per hour reached”. I’m aware that this isn’t your case.



    Good morning,

    I have a question/feedback on the new “Custom Risk Percent Split(5)” feature from version 1.15. When the risk management is set to (2) Risk Percentage, TPs are set to “Individual Orders”, and the signal has multiple TPs, the software distributes the risks equally among the different TPs. When there is a signal with only one TP, the software allocates all the risk to that TP (as expected)

    On the other side, when setting “Custom Risk percent Split (5)”, (while keeping “Individual Orders” setting for multiple TPs) the risk management for Multiple TP signals works fine, allocating the risk as customized for each TP. My question rises when an order with only one TP is sent.

    Right now, the software opens an order with the risk set at the “Custom Risk Percent Split (5)”, but since there is only one TP, I’d like to know if there is the possibility to open the same position with a higher risk (ideally equal to the sum of all TPs, which is the maximum risk allocated per trade).

    Many thanks!

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Vicenc,

    You described the risk management options perfectly. Right now you can only choose one of them and it will be applied no matter how many TPs are used.

    Additionally, you can choose to open only one trade using the smallest/average/largest or a custom TP. Or you can use different lot size calculations for symbols specified in “Symbols that use Set 2”. Hope this helps.



    Thanks for your quick response!

    As a suggestion, it would be great to have the possibility of distributing the TPs as stated in the previous message.

    In addition, and regarding future versions of your very useful EA, It would be great to be able to have different risk settings for different providers.

    Many thanks

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Vicenc,

    All ideas are welcome. As I understand, your suggestion is to have the option to choose lot size settings in case of one trade and other settings in case of more than one trades. We can consider adding this option, thanks.

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