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    Following my previous queries which are below, my signals provider is using a different format now and signals are not being recognised.

    Buy GBPNZD at any price between 1.9325 until 1.9300

    Target 1: 1.9380

    Target 2: 1.9450

    Target 3: 1.9535

    Stop Loss: 1.9238

    *For using our signals, Follow this signal rules properly*

    1) Within 2 days (Signal day + Next Day AEDT time), if signal doesn’t reach target 1 and If the trade is

    Standing in between our Entry = Close the Trade.
    running profit = Change SL to Entry.
    running loss = Change TP to entry

    Please let me know if the above can work, or the bot needs to be updated?

    Previous query unanswered:
    (I started testing the trial version and was impressed that it could read the signals and open trades.

    I have a few queries, please see below:

    1. I am only able to open trades which are 0.01 lots, I am testing the trial version so it may be locked but was hoping to test with a larger lot size. Seems like it’s not opening trades as expected, (I have just seen the risk percent per day, so will see if that was the problem).

    2. If break even setting is disabled, can it read and modify signals like:
    UPDATE: CADJPY – Shift Sl to entry✅

    3. Is there a way i can control the trade size of each trade, e.g. 0.05 lot for TP1, 0.03 lot for TP2, 0.01 Lot for TP3. This would hep lock in profits and improve risk to reward ratio.

    4. Can the bot read signals like:
    1st UPDATE – CADJPY – moving well +40pips✅ close 20%! Sl to entry!

    I look forward to your response, Thanks)


    guess i am being ignored so will try and find another telegram to mt4 bot

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Dhiren,

    Thanks for reporting that there is an issue with your signal. We will update the EA so it can process this type of message format with the next release. All other questions are answered in the original topic.



    Thanks for your response, I just want the bot to do a market buy for the pair when the signal comes. I will wait for the updated version.

    It seems it is still limited to 0.01 lot trades, unless i am missing something.

    Veronika Momir

    Please send us a screenshot or the .set file of your inputs to, and we will check if that’s the reason for the incorrect lot sizes.


    Hi thanks for your resonse. i emailed a screenshot of the settings yesterday

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