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    I installed everything and it also gives a green box for the connection but when a trade comes in the chat.. Nothing happends in MT4.. I setup al the settings etc. but stil no succes:(

    Is there a common setting that i missed.. I just followed al the documentation and actiivated what was in the PDF’s




    BTW, this is a signal i received:


    ENTRY 1.3910
    SL 1.3928
    TP 1.390
    TP 1.385

    The provider sends signals without TP1 TP2 should that be a problem ?

    Also they are. not pending order but market execution but around that price..


    Do messages appear on the software that comes with the Expert Advisor?



    Yes in the Telegram forex app and in MT4..

    In the forex app i see:
    Time/channel/msg id/reply id/message > And al info is inline with the info from the telegram message.

    Cannot open trade. Reason: Potentially dangerous signal.

    And after i installed everything i see:
    New client connection, server socketd created, loadded succesfully.

    HOpe this is enough :)

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Cesar,

    Your signal is valid and the TPs are not a problem. The only way to get this message: “Cannot open trade. Reason: Potentially dangerous signal.” is to enable “Skip Dangerous Signals” in the EA’s inputs.

    Check your “Risk Management Settings” in case there’s some limitation that prevents the EA from opening trades. Also, you can create your own Telegram channel and use it for testing. Let us know if any of this helped.



    It workedd thanks :)


    My signals weren’t picked up by the application.
    It showed in the application with MsgId and the message, but nothing happened.
    Nothing in the Reply To Id and nothing in the MT4.
    I haven’t changed anything in the setting, so it is all using default. I followed your youtube installation video.
    Is there anything I may have missed?
    Please advise.

    Veronika Momir

    Hi Anggit,

    To confirm the connection between the app and the EA, check if the green square at the bottom of the app is green and if you received a message in the Experts tab of MT4 that says “New client connection”. If not, try using another MT4 ID by selecting it in the inputs and in the app. Also, make sure you have selected the channels in the app for that ID.

    Another reason can be if your broker uses prefixes or suffixes to the symbols’ names, like “EURUSD.r”. In this case, you need to enable using prefixes and suffixes and enter them in the inputs.

    Let us know if any of this helped,


    Hello Veronika,
    yes it is working.

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