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    i there, i installed the EA with no problems but now am waiting for signal service to commence this week so i can test it on demo account.
    I do have some questions after seeing the EA and your videos.
    For example, the signals come like this:

    EURUSD Sell Now
    Open: 1.22103
    SL: 1.22803
    TP: 1.20203

    I have set the lot size to be 0.02 lots in the EA so it should sell two lots when entering this trade.
    Now if the next signal says:

    Running +30 pips close half lot
    and move SL to entry

    What will the EA do? Will it close one lot and move the stop loss to entry or does it not recognize this instruction?
    Also if i am in two gold trades and this signal comes out:

    Running +52 pips both trade
    close now -18

    Can the EA recognize that this means to close all xauusd open trades now?
    Lastly, if a trade is open and telegram message says:

    CHF JPY running +101 pips
    anyone satisfied can close now or
    wait until take profit

    Will the EA be able to recognize this as a close the trade signal?

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