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    Hello everyone, I have a question about my signal format, I would know if it is ok and accepted…this is it:INFINITY TrendLine PRO: SIGNAL ETHEUR_M1 (Sell 427.22) TP1: 12 (73%) 427.10 TP2: 42722 (0%) 0.00 TP3: 42722 (0%) 0.00 SL: 24 427.46 Success Rate: 72%. I will use only tp 1 and sl..It is ok for the expert?
    Thanks I`m waiting your respoence


    And if I trade different instrument with different lot volume what I control this? I have a setup lot fixed, but I need different lot size simultaneously. Can I in command line from telegram specify the volume?

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Alessandro,

    Please check out our new version of the EA. It has an input section for custom symbol mapping. There you can specify the custom name, symbol, lot size and pip value for 10 symbols. It can be used to let the EA know that “GOLD” is “XAUUSD”, or to set the lot size on EURUSD to 0.5 for example.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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