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    Hello, I was invited to join a paid channel that only provide “buy now” signal and then they will reply it with “close” when the provider thinks it is the time to close. Or the provider only provide SL but the TP is “open”.
    Is it possible to have the Telegram.Forex program to input the TP and SL automatically for this, but I still want to set “Trading Rule for Multiple TPs” with “Individual Order” for signals from other providers that have TPs and SL.
    Please advise how to set this.

    Veronika Momir


    Yes, there’s a way to set that in the EA’s inputs. In the section Skip / Modify Trades Options, there is a field Skip Dangerous Signals – SL Case, and there you can choose Use custom pips when SL is zero. Also, you’ll need to set the custom pips in the field Custom SL (pips from entry).

    The process is the same for setting up the TP as well.


    Hello Veronika,
    thank you for your information. I have set as per your advise.
    I will come back here again if it doesn’t work. I hope I will not come back to this thread.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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