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    Hi, Members and Staff
    I subscribed to VIP and the first orders I received was this one, and I found some strange looking orders. How would Our program react to these messages?


    Buy Limit XAUUSD

    RISK to REWARD 1:3

    My entry 1723
    SL 1719
    TP 1732
    Buy XAUUSD

    My entry 1727
    TP 1735
    SL 1719
    Buy US30

    My entry 32700
    SL 32600
    TP open

    Sell again XAUUSD

    My entry 1739
    SL 1750

    TP1 1735
    TP2 1730
    TP3 1720
    —————————————– VIP, [24.03.21 10:34]
    [In reply to VIP]
    Take partials VIP, [24.03.21 10:34]
    And move SL to entry

    Veronika Momir


    The EA would pick up these trades. In the case of pending orders, it sets the open prices as per the signal.

    For market orders currently, it opens trades at market price, but soon we will have the addition to set max allowed deviation of the signal price to the market price, with the option to make the trade a pending one if the maximum is reached.

    For signals with multiple TP levels, the EA opens a trade for each TP and it splits the volume by the number of trades taken.

    Also, replies as “move sl to entry”, “close” and “close half” are processed well, but “take partials” is not recognized.

    Hope I clarified this for you.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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