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    hi,today wasn’t my Lucky day

    i have active Break Even settings at trigger 20 pips, Offset 5, active TS 25 and active SL 100 for testing now, but they simply didn’t work.

    My Sell signal after entry went down to -170 pips (there TS should end the Trade with -150 pips first time. Then trade went back up to -40 pips , and this 3 times in a row. After that the signal climes up to +133 pips and with 133 pips neg my SL endet the trade, but not the one from the EA with -100, my security EA switched of with -130.(RONZ AUTO SL n TP), for other USER, its a light wight ea that takes action when needed, A live saver.

    TP, BE and SL did not work so, lets analyze this case (1 from 3 today)

    first time: TS should end the Trade by-150 pips with(-170 pips+20 pips TS)=WIN 150 Pips.

    second Time: Signal should be endet after gets back from -170 pips to +60 pips because
    of BE (20+5 over entry) lets say with roundabout +5 pips.= WIN 5 Pips.

    third time: because of SL -100 pips. no comment needed on that one =LOSS 100 Pips

    finally: my second SL EA endet this trade with = LOSS 130 Pips

    Could be so a nice trade with 150 pips win endet up with 130 Pips LOSS. Thats mean.

    Here the Screeshotsscreenshots

    Don’t get me wrong, I Trade Live with just 100 bucks to try, I know that things can happen in “BETA TEST” but Live, you look better. That why I opened trade by trade drop it in the charts and check it. In demo It would be just a LOSS on the Report.

    I like the new design from V3.3 and the multi MT4 support, the performance is much better then the former versions, so your on the right way.

    but I relay miss a section with custom Mapping rules ( maybe a text file or a extra tab in the Ea expert options, because I am testing a lot of channels frequently and over 50% of the channels are ignored by your EA while other rules needed. You could disable the Custom mapping by input setting to make it not to complicated without need.

    I have a “Screen Shots link” from my SL TP and TS with open input settings. When You would need some helping eyes to cooperate with you let me know when any help needed and I have used and have tried a lot of Telegram Forwarder.

    Thanks for your time but the basics have to work reliable and when it was a mistake by setup EA should have reclaimed loud and red.


    Veronika Momir

    Hi UglyAndBroke,

    Thank you for the screenshots and detailed explanation. As I see, the problem here is a misunderstanding of the pip value. The EA doesn’t use points, as in the minimum amount of price change, but it uses pips, as in 1 pip = 10 points.

    In your example with EURUSD order, our EA calculates that 20 pips * 0.00010 is 0.00200. The trade was opened at 1.19598, so the actual trigger price is 1.19398, and the stop loss would be moved to 1.19548.

    About the missed signals, we would appreciate it if you can share some examples of the messages so we can make the necessary modifications, thank you.



    One of my provider use the sl with this mask.

    SELL GBP/USD at 1.3940-50, TARGET 1 1.3920, TARGET 2 1.3870, TARGET 3 1.3800.

    Recommended STOP: 1.3985

    My problem is the sl with

    Recommended STOP: 1.3985,

    can we add this
    Or maby for fast change
    a external swap list.

    Veronika Momir

    Thank you for the suggestion. We can add the keyword “STOP” to be automatically processed as Stop Loss, this will be available in the next version. Also, we can work on a system for custom mapping of keywords that are used as stop loss, take profit, and entry prices.


    Very nice, Thanks, that could hep a lot of traders to fix short time some needs.

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