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    I’ve subscribed a signals group with the following format:

    When they send a open order
    “10:01 BUY EURCADy opened @ 1.48107”

    When is time to close, they send
    “21:34 BUY EURCADy closed @ 1.48235”

    I have already add the suffix “y”.

    But, when they send the closing order, it opens a new “BUY” order and don’t close it.
    The “10:01” and “21:34” is the corresponding time of the orders…
    How can i configure that to close the positions?

    Veronika Momir

    Hello Armando,

    I see. It registers the first word “BUY” and then proceeds to open an order. If the second message was sent as a reply to the first, there shouldn’t be a problem since it expects further action on the same order.

    We will make adjustments to avoid this issue in future versions, thank you for reporting it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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